About Us

Both of us were born and raised in Hawaii.

And while that’s obviously an island nation, we never really lived as islands. We truly lived as One, bound together by the unifying spirit of “Aloha.”

But over time, that bond slowly began to fade.

Maybe it was the pace of modern life. Or maybe it was the divisive nature of the times. But somewhere along the line, we all started to live in our own little worlds, both for ourselves and by ourselves. We’d kick back with friends, opening up, talking late into the night. And they’d all describe the same feelings of isolation. A cosmic loneliness. A deep longing for a real sense of community. So, we’ve set out to create that sense of community through The Aloha Friday Project; A project that invites us all to reconnect with a higher vibe, the spirit of Aloha, and ultimately, each other.

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Whenever you reach out to one another, that’s Aloha. Whenever you throw some extra food on the grill and welcome the lonely, that’s Aloha. And whenever you pass around something special, that’s Aloha. It’s a smile. It’s a laugh. It’s a warmth that changes someone’s day. Because if you can change enough days, that’s how you slowly change the world. So, welcome. And Aloha. Mahalo piha."

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