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The Aloha Friday Project is all about re-building our human camaraderie and healing a fragmented society. And we invite you to join that mission in whatever way speaks to you.

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Are you an artist, poet, philosopher, musician or creative? Make Aloha Friday your medium and let’s spread your good vibes together.

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Let’s build community together. We’ll send you the support you need to activate a movement. Whether it be amongst friends and family, or a special group you are a part of, we will provide you with merch, supplies and ideas for how to generate maximum impact with the people you love.

Whenever you throw some extra food on the grill and welcome the lonely, that’s Aloha. And whenever you pass around something special, that’s Aloha. It’s a smile. It’s a laugh. It’s a warmth that changes someone’s day. Because if you can change enough days, that’s how you slowly change the world.

So, welcome. And Aloha. Mahalo piha.

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