Message in a Bottle

One of the major principles of Aloha is giving and receiving kindness. So, we’re inviting people to do exactly that through our Message in a Bottle Exchange. The way that it works is simple. All of our products come with a postcard and on the postcard will be a hand-written message of positivity from someone else in the Aloha Friday community. That message can be a hopeful quote, an inspirational drawing, or even a joke. And on the back, you’ll have the opportunity to reciprocate with a little message of your own. You just return that postcard to sender, we’ll pass it along to the next person, and continue the cycle of positivity.

The same idea applies to the digital version on the site. You’re reaching out a hand, inviting people to plug back in, and changing someone’s day. And in doing so, you’re rediscovering the universal energy that we’re all a part of.